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Chicago’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyers on Takeaways from Trump NY Trial

by | Apr 28, 2024 | Firm News

Chicago’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyers on Takeaways from Trump NY Trial. The Trump NY trial had its first week of actual testimony this past week. Almost the entire week was taken up with the testimony of David Pecker – who was at the top of the National Enquirer during the events at issues. Here are the takeaways from the trial based upon the testimony of Pecker:

  1. Pecker had a long-time relationship personal and business relationship with Trump. He will be viewed by the jurors as a quite credible insider to the alleged deals involving Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels.
  2. Pecker’s testimony set the table for the overall scheme involving him, Michael Cohen, and Trump – i.e., to “catch” potential stories about Trump by way of monetary payments and in turn NOT run them in the media/National Enquirer so as to bolster Trump’s election chances in the 2016 presidential election.
  3.  Pecker’s testimony will help bolster Cohen’s expected trial testimony because the jury will have already heard much of the subjects of Cohen’s testimony through Pecker – i.e., thus regardless of Cohen’s clear anti-Trump basis and motives to testify falsely (including his plea deal), the jury will find his testimony on the points established by Pecker as credible and corroborated.
  4. Pecker’s testimony, establishes, to the benefit of the Trump defense team, that such “catch and kill” strategies were commonplace, and were regularly used for and against other celebrities and politicians, including Arnold Schwarzenegger – and even, according to Pecker, Rahm Emmanuel.
  5. Pecker’s testimony helps establish that there were other motives tor Trump to keep the alleged affairs with McDougal and Danile quiet, including personal shame and embarrassment, and to protect his family.
  6. Pecker’s testimony helps establish that he – who was purportedly a member of this alleged illegal scheme – did not believe he was violating the law.
  7. Pecker’s actions had nothing to do with the creation of the false business records that are the subject of the 34 Counts against Trump.
  8. Pecker’s testimony helps establish that Trump left it up to Cohen and Pecker, at least in large part, to get the dirty work done.
  9. Pecker’s testimony, again to the benefit of the Trump defense, does not establish a violation of some other law separate and apart from the false records violations – which must be proven by the prosecution.
  10.  Pecker’s testimony, if believed by the jury, establishes that, even though Trump left it up to Cohen and Pecker to carry out the scheme, Trump was fully aware of their actions and even took a keen interest in McDougal after getting elected.

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April 28, 2024