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Federal Felony Embezzlement Defense

Embezzlement usually occurs when people with responsibility for funds, such as account managers for companies or nonprofit organizations misappropriate significant amounts for themselves. All at once or gradually over time, such fiduciaries betray their employers or organizations by acting as thieves.

White collar crimes such as embezzlement may be charged as state or federal crimes, depending on the circumstances. If a company or organization has interstate reach, or if stolen funds amount to large totals, federal investigators and prosecutors may become involved in solving the mystery of missing money.

Have you been accused of fraudulent taking of personal property in an embezzlement scenario and charged with a federal crime? Are you under investigation by the FBI or other federal agents in connection with missing funds? At Leonard Trial Lawyers, we are aggressive and effective embezzlement attorneys with strong track records of state and federal criminal defense.

Additional Crimes That May Accompany Embezzlement Accusations

In theory, someone who embezzled funds should have reported that money as income for tax purposes. Naturally, this rarely happens. So, when someone is charged with embezzlement, they may also be charged with tax fraud or evasion.

When embezzlement occurs by way of collaboration between two people with responsibility for funds, there may be additional charges of conspiracy.

No matter how many criminal charges you are facing, if even one of them is a federal criminal charge, you must seek an attorney with federal criminal defense experience. If we represent you, we will aim to get your federal charges reframed as state charges if possible.

Turn To Trusted Federal Embezzlement Lawyers In Illinois

At a state or federal level, we will work hard to get you the most favorable results, which may include arrangements to make restitution without criminal embezzlement charges being filed at all.

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