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Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys In Illinois For Wire Fraud Charges

Have you as an individual or as a member of a company or organization, been charged with federal crimes, including wire fraud? These charges often accompany other criminal charges, such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. Although they are common, secondary charges involving fairly hidden activities, they merit and require the same diligent defense tactics that are used for more prominent crimes.

Leonard Trial Lawyers is a resource in Chicago for people in Illinois and elsewhere who are facing federal criminal charges and seeking qualified legal counsel. Our strong track record and well-honed defense skills are exactly what many of our clients are looking for when they shop for a defense firm.

Our Clients’ Federal Wire Fraud Cases

Wire fraud is a criminal act that involves the use of electronic communication, such as emails or phone calls, to deceive someone into sending money or sensitive information under false pretenses. It often exploits the speed and anonymity of electronic transactions to perpetrate fraudulent schemes.

We are available to evaluate wire fraud cases involving the following common scenarios:

  • Phone calls and emails through which drug traffickers conspire on the routes and methods they will use to move controlled substances across state lines and international borders
  • Phone calls and direct messages on cell phones are used to arrange money laundering, crypto crimes and other financial crimes
  • Electronic communications, including identity theft (ID theft) and fraud of any kind
  • Internet communications used for any other types of conspiracy to commit federal crimes

With our strong track record and well-known dedication to federal crime defense in Illinois, you can entrust complex, high-stakes cases to us with confidence. We are wire fraud defense lawyers who get results.

Our Goal Is To Protect Your Constitutional Rights Through Wire Fraud Defense

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