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Accomplished Sex Crime Trial Lawyers For Illinois State Criminal Defense

Being accused of a sex crime is disturbing at best and devastating in its worst forms. As many suspects in sex crime cases have discovered, you could lose your job, marriage and positive reputation in your community if you are accused of rape, solicitation of a minor or possession of child pornography.

While the case against you gains steam, you should do all that you can to defend your rights, freedom and good name. Leonard Trial Lawyers is here for you. We are federal and state criminal defense attorneys with many favorable reviews from past clients.

What Leonard Trial Lawyers Can Do For You

Whether you have been charged with a federal crime or a state crime, any sex crime accusations or charges are serious and call for serious defense strategies without delay.

If someone has accused you of a cyber-based sex crime or a nonconsensual sexual act, you need an aggressive criminal defense. The prosecutor will likely be focusing on the effects on the alleged victim(s). You deserve a strong defense on your side.

We are dedicated Illinois criminal defense attorneys with more than 30 combined years of experience. We consider your sex crime defense needs to be of the utmost importance.

Get Your Urgent And Necessary Defense Underway

We offer free advice to all potential federal and state criminal defense clients and potential clients as follows:

  • Do not speak with anyone except your attorney about your case.
  • Do not admit guilt even if you feel you have done something wrong.
  • Do get in touch with a respected defense lawyer right away.
  • Do apply your best efforts to turn your case around with the help of a knowledgeable defense attorney.

Do not hesitate to call us at 312-815-6572 or send an online inquiry. Our experienced sex crime attorneys are ready to advise you about your pending sex crime defense in Illinois.