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Illinois Attorneys Defending Suspects Facing Murder Charges

If actions that you took or failed to take allegedly resulted in someone’s death, you may have been arrested and/or charged with homicide, perhaps cited as murder.

As with any other criminal case, it is essential to your best interests for you not to speak with anyone about your case except your defense lawyer. A first-degree murder conviction will cause great harm to your life’s trajectory.

There is no time like now to pull out all the stops and work with the most effective defense attorney you can find when charged with a crime such as criminal negligent homicide. At Leonard Trial Lawyers, we have earned a strong track record and delivered results for many people charged with serious crimes such as vehicular manslaughter or first or second degree murder at the federal and state levels in Illinois.

Why It Is Worthwhile To Seek Highly Qualified Defense After A Murder Arrest

A conviction for first-degree murder in Illinois requires evidence that one or more of the following descriptors applies to your case:

  • You planned to kill someone
  • You intended to cause death or bodily harm
  • You knew that your actions would cause death or bodily harm
  • You killed someone while committing a felony
  • You killed someone with malice and/or without lawful justification, such as self-defense

If you are convicted, your penalties might be:

  • At least 20 years in prison
  • At least 45 years if you had a firearm
  • Life in prison under certain circumstances

If our homicide lawyers handle your murder case in Illinois, we will conduct a detailed investigation that examines penetrating questions such as:

  • Was the incident truly a violent crime or was it an act of self-defense?
  • Did eyewitness testimony or other evidence, such as video surveillance footage, prove that you were the perpetrator?
  • Do the facts justify the murder label or was it perhaps manslaughter?
  • If the taking of a life was, in fact, murder, do facts justify calling it murder in the first degree?

Rest assured that your murder case will be a top priority at Leonard Trial Lawyers. We will not rest until we have done all that we can to get a favorable outcome in your case. We cannot promise a particular outcome, but we can point to many previous favorable results and glowing reviews from past clients.

Turn To A Murder Defense Attorney

With more than 30 combined years of experience, we are ready to go through the evidence in your case with a fine-toothed comb in search of the one fact that can turn the charges around.

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