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Understanding Mortgage Fraud In Chicago

Mortgage fraud is a growing concern with severe consequences for people and financial institutions. These acts can result in significant financial losses and legal penalties.

At Leonard Trial Lawyers, our knowledgeable and aggressive federal criminal defense attorneys strive to deliver the most favorable outcome for your case. We have more than 30 combined years of experience serving Chicago clients.

What Is Mortgage Fraud?

Mortgage fraud is a type of bank fraud. It is the deliberate misrepresentation, misstatement or omission of information related to a mortgage loan application or the mortgage process intending to deceive a lender or other parties involved mainly for financial gain.

Mortgage fraud can involve various parties, including borrowers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers and even lenders themselves. Some common types of mortgage fraud involve:

  • False statements
  • Fictitious properties
  • Money laundering
  • Inflated appraisals
  • Occupational fraud
  • Straw buyers
  • Identity theft
  • Air loans
  • Wire fraud
  • Foreclosure rescue scams

Mortgage fraud is a federal crime with severe penalties. No matter your circumstances, our experienced lawyers can help you build a robust defense against your charges.

Why You Need An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In A Mortgage Fraud Case

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is essential in a mortgage fraud case due to the complexity and seriousness of the charges involved.

A criminal defense attorney with experience in mortgage fraud cases will understand the laws, regulations and case precedents that apply, allowing them to build a strong defense on your behalf. They can negotiate with prosecutors to secure a favorable plea deal or reduced charges, potentially minimizing the consequences of a conviction. If your case goes to trial, they can protect your rights, cross-examine witnesses and argue persuasively on your behalf.

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