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Defense Attorneys For Illinois Residents And Visitors Charged With Domestic Violence

Many domestic violence cases begin with an argument that escalates until someone calls the police. Was there truly violence or was there just a loud argument that frightened a bystander or one of those in conflict?

Without taking time to know the answer, law enforcement agents tend to arrest someone just based on the original call for intervention.

If you or your significant other – spouse, partner or co-parent – has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in Illinois, you need to take it as seriously as any other misdemeanor or felony.

Do not assume that because it arose from a private situation and the two of you believe you have resolved it, there will be no jail, fines, conviction or criminal record. All of those may be consequences of domestic violence charges. Leonard Trial Lawyers will fight for your rights as well as the outcome you need to put these legal troubles behind you.

Protect Your Name And Future With Aggressive Domestic Violence Defense

A domestic violence case often takes unexpected twists. Sometimes, police who arrive at the scene of a domestic altercation arrest both people who have been raising their voices and possibly striking out at each other.

Arguing couples may seek to recant their accusations, to no avail. Once officers arrive, it is a state matter, and almost assured that there will be an arrest.

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At Leonard Trial Lawyers, we bring experience, a solid reputation and a passion for constitutional rights to the table for every Illinois state criminal defense client. We are known as professional, knowledgeable and effective defense attorneys. Did you allegedly violate a protection order? We will investigate the facts until we discover the key to the most effective defense we can provide for you.

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