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Cyberstalking Defense Attorneys In Chicago

Stalking is a crime no matter where and how it happens. When someone stalks someone else, the stalker acts in ways that trigger a reasonable fear of harm to that other person. They may physically follow their targeted person or repeatedly communicate with them to cause emotional distress

If you have been accused or charged with cyberstalking, you need immediate legal advice and advocacy. Turn to Leonard Trial Lawyers in Chicago for counsel and representation from experienced, respected federal criminal defense attorneys with more than 30 combined years of experience.

Violations Of Federal Cyberstalking Laws

Cyberstalking is a form of stalking that takes place in digital spaces such as on social media forums on the internet or through texting tools like Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp. Whether the target is a former romantic partner or an enemy of some variety, the stalker commits a crime by refusing to stop unwanted communications.

Cyberstalking is most often a federal crime – and a felony – since most online areas of interaction cross state lines and international borders. If you have been accused or charged with cyberstalking, your legal situation is critical and your need for an aggressive defense is urgent.

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