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Facing Federal Conspiracy Charges?

You may have been charged with a crime of conspiracy in a federal drug crime case because you allegedly agreed to break federal drug crime laws in collaboration with someone else. This type of crime may involve knowledge, communications and/ or failure to report wrongdoing, as opposed to strictly tangible actions. With highly sensitive definitions, a finely tuned defense is essential.

You can rely on Leonard Trial Lawyers for counsel and representation before federal prosecutors and courts. We are recognized by peers and members of the judiciary, as well as by past clients, for our professional, confident ways and strong track record.

As you consider which law firm to turn to, consider our strong qualifications. Attorney Mike Leonard has obtained at least not guilty jury verdicts on all counts and charges in federal criminal prosecutions brought by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois (Chicago).

Some Criminal Conspiracy Definitions

You may have participated in one of these ways with that other person for the purpose of distributing or trafficking controlled substances.

  • You agreed to distribute an illegal substance, possibly passed to you by your co-conspirator.
  • You were aware that your actions in connection with those drugs were illegal.
  • You chose to move forward with the conspiracy despite knowing that your actions were illegal.

Warning: You may be considered guilty of conspiracy in a federal drug crime case simply because you knew of such activities that others associated with you were doing. Some defendants in drug crime conspiracy cases have been convicted even when there were no drugs involved or the alleged drugs were demonstrated to be fake.

To increase your likelihood of a favorable outcome, work closely with one or both of us, the experienced defense attorneys at Leonard Trial Lawyers. We rarely encounter a federal conspiracy case without being ready to take the defense as far as it can go.

Contact Our Chicago Attorneys About Your Federal Conspiracy Charges

Depending on the type and quantity of drugs or alleged drugs involved in your conspiracy charges, you may be facing five years to life in prison if convicted. There is no time to waste if you have been accused, arrested or charged with conspiracy in a federal drug crime case. Our defense team is ready to fight for you in any federal criminal forum, such as in hearings with prosecutors or before a jury.

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