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Federal Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering charges have significant consequences, both legally and financially. A skilled attorney’s expertise is invaluable given the complexities of defending against these charges.

Leonard Trial Lawyers has nationally recognized trial lawyers who serve people in Illinois and nationwide from the Chicago office. We handle each case using different defense strategies, as every case is different. Federal money laundering charges are complex to handle, but we can help.

Money Laundering Penalties

The offense of money laundering has various penalties depending on whether the charges are pursued at the state or federal level. The differences between state and federal money laundering charges in Illinois lie in the following:

  • Jurisdiction: State laws apply within the boundaries of Illinois, while federal laws are enforced throughout the United States.
  • Legal framework: Federal investigations can involve resources and agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Department of Justice (DOJ), while state laws may not (unless necessary).
  • Penalties: Federal penalties, including longer prison terms and higher fines for convicted individuals, are more severe.

Transaction reporting requirements help detect and prosecute money laundering crimes, like illegal gambling. Failure to comply with these reporting requirements can result in criminal charges, such as wire fraud and further scrutiny from law enforcement agencies.

Defenses For Money Laundering Charges

Defending against money laundering charges requires a thorough understanding of the case. Here are some common defenses used in money laundering cases:

  • Lack of knowledge that the funds involved in the financial transactions were from illegal activity
  • Insufficiency of evidence linking the financial transactions to a specific criminal activity
  • Inducement or coercion by law enforcement officials or third parties to engage in the alleged money laundering activities

In rare cases, defendants may argue they engaged in money laundering under duress or out of necessity to avoid imminent harm or danger.

Effective Money Laundering Defense Attorneys

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