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Aggressive And Highly Successful Advocates For Defendants In Federal Criminal Prosecutions And Investigations Brought By United States Attorneys’ Offices

We regularly and aggressively defend individuals and entities in the trial of Federal criminal prosecutions, and in connection with Federal investigations. We recognize that, even though all cases cannot ultimately proceed to a jury trial, they must be prepared from the outset with that singular goal end in mind. We have obtained extraordinary results for our clients in Federal criminal matters. However, we can do more than just say that we have been, or will be, successful in trying to jury verdict Federal criminal cases. We have a track record of having actually done it.  This includes the fact that Mike Leonard is believed to be the only presently practicing Federal criminal attorney who has obtained six or more not guilty jury verdicts on all counts and charges in Federal criminal prosecutions brought by the United States Attorneys’ Office for the Northern District of Illinois (Chicago). In selecting an attorney for representation in Federal criminal matters, an attorney’s track record of actual success in Federal criminal jury trials is critically important. Accordingly, a client facing potential or actual Federal criminal charges should not hesitate to ask about an attorney’s jury trial history in Federal criminal prosecutions. Moreover, because we did not use previously work for the United States Attorneys’ Office as Federal prosecutors, we bring a unique and defense-oriented perspective to the defense of Federal criminal prosecutions.

We also regularly provide zealous representation in connection with pre-charge plea negotiations, as well as in connection with what is often a crucial part of Federal criminal cases – sentencing submissions and sentencing hearings under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

We have achieved similar success in representing individuals facing State criminal charges. This includes a recent complete not guilty jury verdict in favor of our client in a murder prosecution brought by the Cook County State’s Attorneys’ Office.

In addition to our trial work, we have handled numerous appeals at the Federal and State level, within and outside the Federal and State appellate courts located within Illinois.

Representative Federal And State Criminal Cases Handled

In our years of service to Chicago and greater Illinois, we have worked with clients involved in a wide range of cases including those alleging:

  • Conspiracy
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • RICO
  • Bank robbery
  • Hobbs Act robbery
  • Drug conspiracy, possession, and distribution
  • Securities fraud
  • Acting as agent for a foreign government
  • Theft of Federal benefits
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Kickbacks
  • Identity theft and misuse
  • Re-entry violations
  • Cargo theft
  • Counterfeiting
  • Financial fraud
  • Home repair fraud
  • Gun possession and gun use
  • Federal protected species violations
  • Murder, attempted murder, and other crimes of violence

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