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When Tax Troubles Amount To Federal Crimes

Tax evasion may start as an administrative law issue with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) but when unpaid taxes become high or when outright fraud is involved, then criminal charges may result.

If an arrest has already happened, the chosen criminal defense attorney(s) should have a strong track record in federal criminal defense. At Leonard Trial Lawyers, you have access to Chicago lawyers who have achieved many favorable outcomes in federal court for tax fraud clients.

Turn To Trusted Criminal Tax Attorneys To Resolve Your Tax Fraud Charges

Contact a federal tax fraud attorney right away if you have been accused or may be accused of tax fraud crimes such as:

  • Willful attempts to evade or defeat a federal tax requirement
  • Tax fraud resulting from other crimes, such as the failure to report stolen funds as income
  • Conspiracy for tax evasion purposes
  • Employer/employee payroll tax fraud
  • Tax preparer fraud
  • Frivolous tax returns submitted in protest of tax laws
  • Failure to file special reports such as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) report
  • Refund fraud through identity theft or fake deductions

A notice of an investigation by the IRS should always be taken seriously. An aggressive criminal defense is necessary in the face of tax fraud accusations or federal criminal charges.

The Solution May Be Tough But Trying To Avoid The Issues Is Tougher

Federal tax fraud or tax evasion charges are as serious as those for any alleged federal crime and may not be resolvable simply through negotiations with the IRS.

Let our federal tax fraud lawyers help you find your way forward. The solution may include negotiations with the IRS as well as aggressive courtroom defenses. Call 312-815-6572 or send an email inquiry to schedule a free consultation.