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Federal Gun Crime Lawyers In Illinois

Gun use tends to be viewed with political slants, but in fact, there is plenty of room for agreement. Even people of vastly different political views can understand the existing gun use limitations spelled out in the laws of Illinois and federal law. The outcome of your federal gun crime case will largely be determined by these descriptions applied to your circumstances.

If you have been accused, charged or arrested for any alleged fun crime offense associated with weapons, get the best criminal defense attorney that you can find. We are confident that Leonard Trial Lawyers can meet your criteria for an effective federal gun crime defense firm.

Felony Gun Charges That We Handle

Clients of Leonard Trial Lawyers often turn to our gun crime defense  lawyers after being charged with federal firearm charges, including:

  • The unauthorized possession of a gun by someone with a felony conviction
  • The illicit possession or trafficking of firearms
  • Carrying a firearm in connection with drug trafficking or violent crimes.

Sometimes, the possession or use of guns in connection with another crime leads to aggravated charges. Aggravated drug crimes are viewed with greater penalty potential than drug offenses that do not involve carrying that enhancement title. So, aggravated assault is a more serious case than a case by the same name without the “aggravated” label

Get Qualified Counsel At The Federal Level

If you have been charged with a federal gun or weapon law, void strict prison sentences by seeking to have your gun charges reclassified as state crimes. If this does not work, explore your opinions with attorney Mike Leonard. He will be glad to hear from you about your criminal charges and the expectations that you have for a federal criminal defense lawyer.

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