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Your criminal charges may not use the words “white collar crime,” but you may be up against such charges if you are accused of any of the following:

  • Identity theft, fraud or embezzlement
  • Cryptocurrency crimes or cyberstalking
  • Medicare, Medicaid or health care fraud
  • Wire fraud or conspiracy to commit any type of fraud

All the criminal offenses listed above sometimes refer to state crimes, but often, they are considered federal crimes because they cross or may cross state lines.

We are aggressive, professional and effective federal criminal defense attorneys. At our law office, Leonard Trial Lawyers in Chicago, we are white collar criminal defense lawyers who offer clients the benefit of our more than 30 combined years of experience in federal criminal defense.

What Makes Them White Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes are characterized in some of the following ways:

  • They are generally nonviolent offenses
  • They often involve business and government employees
  • They include numerous types of fraud, such as
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Health care fraud

Money laundering and public corruption are other types of white collar crimes named in federal charges against our clients. Our strong track record in federal criminal defense includes attorney Mike Leonard’s six or more not guilty jury verdicts on all counts and charges in federal criminal prosecutions brought by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois (Chicago).

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