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Were you, a health care provider, accused of revising your health care delivery to receive kickbacks from manufacturers? Do federal law enforcement agents claim that you billed for services that you did not provide? Did you exaggerate or falsify your patients’ conditions so that you would receive higher fees for your health care services?

All of these are examples of federal health care fraud. A conviction can be serious enough to cause your health care practice to close if you are a provider. If you are a consumer of health care services, you might end up in jail if convicted.

Leonard Trial Lawyers is a resource for health care providers and consumers who have been accused of health care fraud and related crimes.

Definitions And Strategies

Health care fraud is the intentional deception or misrepresentation aimed at obtaining unauthorized benefits, payments or financial gains. It encompasses various deceptive practices, such as:

  • Billing for services not provided
  • Exaggerating the severity of a patient’s condition to fraudulently increase reimbursements.

Defense strategies vary greatly from one case to another, possibly including:

  • Evidence that wrong information was unintentional
  • Persuasion urging prosecutors to downgrade federal charges to state criminal charges
  • Evidence that the charges are wrong or at least exaggerated

Suspects in health care fraud cases may be individuals or entities within the health care system,

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