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Representation For Carjacking Charges

Carjacking a motor vehicle is a very serious crime. Even in the most moderate cases, it can lead to extensive sentences. If there are aggravating factors that activate sentence enhancements, then you could be looking at 30 years to life in prison. This is not something to take lightly, and it could leave you with a permanent record.

If you’re in this position, it is important to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Here at Leonard Trial Lawyers, we use our extensive experience to help you explore all of your legal options. You have rights, no matter what charges you are facing, and you deserve to have those rights upheld at every turn. Our empathetic and professional team is here for you when you need us.

When Is Carjacking A Federal Crime?

Carjacking is a first-degree felony in Illinois, with a maximum prison sentence of 15 years. There are aggravating factors that can cause the sentence to escalate. If the victim was 60-plus years old, if there was a minor in the car, if a deadly weapon or firearm was used or if someone suffered bodily harm, the sentence could be significantly longer.

Carjacking becomes a federal crime when the vehicle crosses state lines. The criminal statute dictates that it is a federal crime when the vehicle has “been transported, shipped or received in interstate or foreign commerce.”

Hiring A Carjacking Lawyer

You need an experienced attorney if you’re facing Chicago carjacking charges. A conviction could alter the course of your life and impact your future ability to get a job, secure housing, get lines of credit and much more.

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