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Top Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers explain Federal Supervised Release

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Firm News

Top Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers explain Federal Supervised Release. In conjunction with the vast majority of federal criminal sentences, the defendant is also given a term of “Supervised Release.” Practically, this is attune to old school probation. Meaning that, during the term of supervised release, the defendant will be required to follow various terms and conditions for that particular period of time. Most frequently, the term – i.e., the length – of the Supervised Release – varies from anywhere from one year to five years. The conditions can range from anything from not consuming alcohol or using drugs, to not committing another violation of law, to not incurring new credit charges without authorization. The Court’s Sentencing Order (Judgment) will contain the particular conditions that the defendant will be required to follow. If the defendant violates any of those terms, the supervising agency, US Probation, can file a Report with the District Court alerting the Judge to the alleged violations. The Court, in turn, may or may not schedule a hearing on the alleged violations, depending on such things as their severity and/or whether the violations have been repeated. As a result of such a hearing, the Court may choose to impose a punishment, which could range from a mere admonishment, to additional and/or more stringent terms and conditions of supervised release, revocation of supervised release, or a sentence of additional incarceration. On the other side of the coin, a defendant who does well during his/her term of supervised release may be in a position to file a Motion to terminate the supervised release early. In any event, it is always important for any defendant to know the specific terms of his/her supervised release – and to attempt to comply with them. Of course, at any violation or revocation hearing, it is advisable for the defendant to have representation by an experienced federal criminal attorney who possesses a lot of experience with such proceedings. Leonard Trial Lawyers has that experience.

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October 20, 2023