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Top Chicago Criminal Trial Lawyers Obtain Complete Not Guilty Jury Verdict In Kane County Trial

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Firm News

Top Chicago Criminal Trial Lawyers Obtain Complete Not Guilty Jury Verdict In Kane County Trial. On September 21, 2023, a Kane County jury found in favor of Leonard Trial Lawyers’ client – Not Guilty – on all 5 felony counts, after a nearly one week trial. Michael Leonard and Matthew Chivari repeesented the Defendant. The Defendant was charged in a 5-count indictment more than two and one-half years ago. He refused to accept the State’s plea offers – which would have required him to spend years in prison. Instead, he maintained his demand for a jury trial and his innocence. Leonard Trial Lawyers firmly believed that he was wrongfully accused. However, a guilty jury verdict on some or all of the counts could have resulted in a dozen or more years in prison. The charged conduct in the Indictment included three separate counts of predatory sexual abuse. Matthew Chivari made the opening statement at trial, emphasizing that stories, as alleged by the accuser in this case, can be false – even if they contain some details. Mr. Chivari further emphasized the Defendant’s outstanding life history. The State presented a substantial number of witnesses in its case-in-chief. Mr. Leonard and Mr. Chivari demonstrated, through their cross-examinations, the complete lack of evidence and corroboration for the State’s case, as well the accuser’s significant motivation to testify falsify – and the accuser’s numerous inconsistent and conflicting statements. Mr. Leonard made the closing argument, which similar focused on the complete lack of corroboration for any of the charged conduct, and the accuser’s conflicting testimony and clear motive. The jury returned its complete Not Guilty verdict after deliberating fro approximately five hours. Judge Yetter presided over this jury trial.
The Firm’s client was elated with the result, and the opportunity to resume his life to the Gillette. There is nothing quite like the feeling of “Not Guilty” being read out loud five times in a row.

Michael Leonard

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September 22, 2023