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Federal Lawyer Michael Leonard appears on the “One Minute Remaining” podcast to discuss the “Alaskan Avenger” case

by | Mar 12, 2023 | Firm News

Federal Lawyer Michael Leonard appears on the “One Minute Remaining Podcast” to discuss the “Alaskan Avenger” case. The “One Minute Remaining” podcast has quickly risen to become one of the top true crime podcasts. The podcast is hosted by Jack Laurence. It differs from most, if not all, true crime podcasts in that Mr. Laurence’s focus is always on the story of the case told almost exclusively from the standpoint of the Defendant – who is providing his/her interviews while incarcerated. In this podcast, top Federal defense attorney Michael Leonard discuss and analyzes the highly publicized case of Jason Vukovich. Mr. Vukovich grew up in the State of Alaska. Like many who end up as Defendants in the State and Federal criminal justice systems, Mr. Vukovich had an extremely difficult and troubled childhood. That childhood was punctuated by physical and sexual abuse that was inflicted upon him. Mr. Vukovich’s stepfather, who perpetrated that abuse, was given a light “suspended sentence” after being criminally charged with some of that abuse in the court system in Alaska. Mr. Vukovich was ultimately forced to flee his home in Alaska while in his early teens. He then spent a couple of decades on the road, in various States, where he engaged in a variety of criminal conduct, most focused on theft, in addition to holding meaningful gainful employment. However, Mr. Vukovich later returned to Alaska, where he became a vigilante against child molesters and sex offenders. Mr. Vukovich was charged with, and convicted of, three of those attacks. He entered a plea of guilty to all charges. However, Mr. Vukovich’s case and story received widespread media attention, with many in the public characterizing him as a hero. The State Court Judge in Alaska disagreed and sentenced him to a term of incarceration of 28 years, with 5 years of that sentence suspended. In his “One Minute Remaining” podcast, Jack Laurence speaks extensively to Mr. Vukovich about his life over the course of 5 episodes. In the sixth and final episode regarding Mr. Vukovich – “What The Attorney Thinks” – Federal criminal defense attorney Michael Leonard discusses sentencing, mitigation, and other criminal justice issues as they relate directly to Mr. Vukovich’s case. Many of the issues that arose in Mr. Vukovich’s case are often present and prominent in any defendant’s case. Have a listen to the podcast by using this link:

One Minute Remaining – Stories from the inmates: The Alaskan Avenger – What the Attorney thinks – Part 6 on Apple Podcasts

Written by Michael Leonard

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March 12, 2023