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Federal Lawyer Michael Leonard Discusses Federal and State Criminal Law Issues on WGN Radio on Sunday December 18, 2022

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Firm News

Federal lawyer Michael Leonard discusses Federal and State criminal law issues on WGN Radio on Sunday December 18, 2022. Mike and WGN radio host John Hansen cover Mike’s handling of a high-profile Federal criminal case in Chicago in which a bond hearing was recently held in Federal court in Chicago. Mike explains how the Federal District Court in that case analyzed the two key factors in any Federal court bond hearing: 1) danger to the community, and 2) risk of flight.

Mike and John Hansen also discussed the recent charges filed by the Lake County, Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office against the father of the alleged Highland Park, Illinois fourth of July shooter. Mike explains the atypical nature of the reckless conduct charges filed in that case, and some legal issues that may make that prosecution legally challenging for the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Mike and John also follow-up on listener’s questions regarding some of the cases that Mike has handled on behalf of City of Chicago Police Officers. As Mike explains, those cases include one in which a member of the Chicago Fire Department filed a civil rights lawsuit in Federal court in Chicago against four members of CPD, arising out of that Fire official’s arrest while on duty. Mike explains the unique cross-examination technique that he used to cross-examine the Plaintiff Fire official in that case in his defense in support of the 4 CPD Officers.

The link is attached to listen:

Defense Attorney Michael Leonard breaks down the case surrounding the alleged Highland Park shooter’s father | WGN Radio 720 – Chicago’s Very Own