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Top Chicago drug lawyer obtains another successful result for client

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Firm News

Top Chicago drug lawyer, Michael Leonard of Leonard Trial Lawyers, obtained a sentence of probation on behalf of his client who was accused of intentionally and illegally transporting 4 kilos of cocaine across the country. After Mr. Leonard repeatedly pushed the case to the brink of trial, and after raising issues with respect to the initial search and seizure, the State’s Attorney’s Office ultimately agreed to drop and reduce the charges to one count of possession with intent to distribute and agreed to a sentence of probation. The firm’s client would have faced potentially decades in the Illinois Department of Corrections had he been found guilty after a trial. The firm’s client was elated with the result, which will allow the client to continue with gainful employment and get on with his life.

Written by

Michael Leonard

October 5, 2022