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Federal Trial Attorneys Prevail on behalf of University of Illinois student in University disciplinary proceedings

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Firm News

Leonard Trial Lawyers recently successfully represented a University of Illinois student who was facing disciplinary action by the University, including possible dismissal, arising out of allegations that the client had purportedly engaged in a non-consensual relationship with a fellow University student. The allegations were brought against the client, even though the parties had undeniably had a long-standing friendship which had included intimacy for a period of time. However, many months after the intimate part of the students’ relationship ended, our client’s fellow student filed a complaint contending that the activities between the parties were non-consensual because they had consumed alcohol together during the events in question. Leonard Trial Lawyers prepared the client to draft a statement to be read during the disciplinary proceedings, and to answer the questions that were ultimately posed to the client during the hearing by the University Panel members. In addition, prior to the Hearing, Leonard Trial Lawyers raised Due Process and discovery issues that resulted in further investigation taking place prior to the Hearing. It was gratifying for Leonard Trial Lawyers to be able to utilize our trial and litigation skills as part of the University disciplinary process. The result was that all charges were dismissed against our client.