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Best Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney for SEC Cases

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Firm News

Did you know there can be a great difference between the best and worst Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys for SEC cases?

Many SEC criminal defense attorneys will tell you they can help you. Some can prove it. Mike Leonard is a trial lawyer that has actual gone to trial and won. Many times.

If you are in search of a strong attorney that truly has your best intentions in mind, it is important to drill down and question each law firm and attorney as to their actual winning rate in court.

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys for SEC cases vary Greatly

The only predictor of the future is the past. For over 20 years Mike Leonard has represented clients at trial. Mr. Leonard understands all aspects of trial from Jury selection defendant preparation. Countless hours go into multiple aspects of each case. With a deep bench and a strong team of councilors, Leonard Trial Lawyers is the top choice for an SEC Criminal Defense Attorney.

There are many great attorneys in Chicago.  It is Mike’s belief that when you present the hard questions to your future attorney like:

“How many cases have you won?”

“When is the last case you’ve won?”

“Why do you win?”

“Why would you take my case?”

It is upon asking questions like the above that you can begin to decipher and determine who can best represent you.

Mike looks forward to your tough questions.