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Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Leonard on WGN Radio’s “Let’s Get Legal” discussing Trump Trial and Weinstein Reversal

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Firm News, State Crimes

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Leonard on WGN Radio’s “Let’s Get Legal” discussing Trump trial and Weinstein reversal. Michae Leonard appeared on WGN Radio 720’s “Let’s Get Legal” with host Jon Hansen. Michael and Jon took a look at the latest developments in the currently pending Trump New York State Court business records prosecution, and the reversal by the Appellate Court in New York of Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes conviction.

With regard to the Trump trial, Michael explains the jury selection process in that case, and compares it to how juries are typically selected in State and Federal Court trials. Michael covers preemptory challenges; for cause challenges; the use of social media information regarding potential jurors; and the use of a juror questionnaire in that and other cases.

With regard to the Weinstein matter, Michael explains how New York’s highest Appellate Court found that the trial court committed two critical errors that the Court found denied a fair trial and resulted in the reversal and remand of his conviction.

First, Michael explains the Court’s reason regarding the trial court’s error in allowing women to testify at the Weinstein trial about other uncharged alleged crimes committed by Weinstein. Michael also explains the testimony of the key prosecution witness from the first week of testimony, David Pecker.

Second, Michael explains the Court’s finding that the trial court also erred by essentially forcing Weinstein off the witness stand by ruling, prior to trial, that in the event Weinstein took the stand and testified at trial – the prosecution would be allowed to introduce on cross-examination numerous alleged prior “bad acts” purportedly committed by Weinstein that had nothing to do with the crimes actually charged.

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April 30, 2024