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Illinois Supreme Court rules in favor of Leonard Trial Lawyers’ client

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Firm News

Illinois Supreme Court rules in favor of Leonard Trial Lawyers’ client. On March 29, 2023, the Illinois Supreme Court entered an Order denying a Petition for Leave to Appeal filed by the Chicago Transit Authority – CTA. Thus, the Court denied the CTA’s request to revisit a jury verdict that was entered in favor of the plaintiff in 2020 in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The plaintiff, who was represented at trial by Michael Leonard and Leonard Trial Lawyers, obtained a verdict in her favor that awarded her the sum of $588,000 (five hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars). The plaintiff’s claim was based upon the legal theory of retaliatory discharge, and arose out of the CTA’s termination of her employment. The CTA, however, would not accept that verdict. Accordingly, the CTA filed post-trial motions, seeking to have the jury verdict set aside. Leonard Trial Lawyers opposed those motions, and the trial court denied them. Next, the CTA appealed the jury verdict to the Illinois Appellate Court for the First District. Leonard Trial Lawyers handled the appeal, drafted a brief in opposition, and argued it before a three-Judge panel. The Appellate Court ruled in favor of Leonard Trial Lawyers’ client and affirmed the jury verdict. The CTA then filed a Petition with the Appellate Court, seeking the re-hearing and reconsideration of appeal. Leonard Trial Lawyers filed a brief opposing that Petition. The Appellate Court denied that Petition. Finally, the CTA filed its Petition with the Illinois Supreme Court. Leonard Trial Lawyers drafted and filed a brief opposing that request. The Illinois Supreme Court put an end to the CTA’s efforts to avoid paying the judgment by denying the CTA’s Petition, and refusing to hear the case. Leonard Trial Lawyers will continue this battle on behalf of the plaintiff until the CTA pays the judgment.
Written by Michael Leonard

Leonard Trial Lawyers

April 3, 2023