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Top Federal Lawyer Michael Leonard Appears On The One Minute Remaining Podcast

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Firm News

Top Federal Lawyer Michael Leonard Appears On “The One Minute Remaining” podcast. Host Jack Laurence has been examining the Michigan State Court criminal case of Anthony Duke. Mr. Duke was convicted of murder. However, as Mr. Laurence’s podcast reveals, there are serious questions about the “evidence” upon which Mr. Duke’s conviction is based. Mike Leonard and Jack Laurence discuss all facts of the case, which appear to support the conclusion that there was more than reasonable doubt in Mr. Duke’s case. They break down the Duke case, including the search; the crime scene; the crime scene forensics; the shell casings; the alibi; other suspects; motives; and various other issues surrounding this case. Have a listen at the following link (see below). And if you enjoy and are fascinated with true crime stories and true crime podcasts – like me – add Jack Laurence’s “One Minute Remaining” to your regular listening schedule.

One Minute Remaining – Stories from the inmates: Anthony Duke What the Attorney thinks – Part 7 on Apple Podcasts

Written by Michael Leonard

Leonard Trial Lawyers

February 1, 2023