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Federal Lawyer Michael Leonard appeared on WGN radio discussing false confessions and other jury trial practice issues

by | Dec 4, 2022 | Firm News

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, Federal Lawyer Michael Leonard appeared on WGN radio discussing false confessions and other Federal and State jury trial practice issues.

With regard to false confessions, Mike addresses the typical foundational factors that result in false confessions. These factors include, among a variety of other things, the age of the individual being interrogated, the length of the interrogation, the conditions of confinement during the interrogation, the number of officers and agents conducting the interrogation, the manner in which the interrogation is conduct, and the mental status of the individual being interrogated. Mike explains that reforms have been implemented to lessen the number of false confessions, but that they unfortunately still arise on a frequent basis. Mike further discusses the possible systemic remedies for false confessions, including disciplinary actions against the officers/agents, as well as the filing of civil lawsuits against the actors for violation of the individuals’ civil rights.

In addition, during the broadcast, Mike also addresses the differing practices and procedures employed by Judges in the Cook County courts, and in the Federal Courts, for jury selection. As Mike explains, somewhat surprisingly, there is very little uniformity among Judges with regard to jury selection. Mike also addresses one caller’s recent experience with a Cook County jury selection, and the courtroom demeanor utilized by the Judge in that case.

Mike and host John Hansen also discuss an upcoming Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals argument in which the parties will be addressing the legality of a recently enacted Indiana State law that directly targets a national charitable bond organization, “The Bond Project.” The Bond Project plays an important role in the bond process in 20 States in gaining release from custody for certain eligible defendants. The Bond Project also provides important related services, including contacting Defendants regarding upcoming court dates and providing transportation to court. Leonard Trial Lawyers certainly hopes that the Seventh Circuit will rule in favor of The Bond Project. It is reported that the Bond Project is represented by the ACLU of Indiana.

Finally, Mike and John briefly touch upon his prior representation of members of the Chicago Police Department.

Here is the link to the broadcast:

‘Let’s Get Legal’ powered by the Illinois State Bar Association and hosted by Jon Hansen 12.3.22 | WGN Radio 720 – Chicago’s Very Own

Written by Michael Leonard

Leonard Trial Lawyers

December 4, 2022