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Federal Crime Attorney Michael Leonard featured on top true crime podcast One Minute Remaining

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Firm News

As a Federal crime attorney, Michael Leonard was recently featured on top true crime podcast One Minute Remaining. The podcast regularly examines “stories from the inmates.” In other words, One Minute Remaining takes a deep dive into cases from the point of view of the convicted and now incarcerated individuals. In One Minute Remaining’s latest series, host Jack Laurence examines a State court case from Florida from the perspective of the detainee, David Talley. Mr. Talley was convicted in the State of Florida more than twenty years ago. The Judge in his case sentenced him to a custodial sentence within the Florida Department of Corrections of 100 years. Moreover, practically speaking, Mr. Talley has virtually no chance of being released because his only hope is a Clemency Petition. However, Clemency is rarely granted, particularly in the State of Florida. Indeed, the current Governor of Florida has never granted clemency to a detainee.

Mr. Talley’s case highlights what are common and recurring issues and themes in the legal/criminal justice system. Those issues include the impact that a defendant’s drug addiction has on his conduct and recidivism (being a repeat offender); the inability of the system to provide treatment and rehabilitation on a consistent and sustained basis; the imposition by Judges of extraordinarily long sentences; and the ability of the incarcerated to change and rehabilitate themselves while incarcerated. Michael Leonard and Leonard Trial Lawyers are very familiar with how a defendant’s unique personal circumstances are relevant not to the sentencing process, but to the defense of the client at trial.

Here is the link to the episode of One Minute Remaining:

What The Attorney Thinks – David Talley – Part 2 – One Minute Remaining – Stories from the inmates | Acast

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November 28, 2022