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Experienced Complex Commercial Litigation And Trial Representation

We have three decades of experience litigating and trying to verdict complex commercial cases in Federal and State courts, and before national and international Arbitration tribunals. Our litigation and arbitration experience includes claims and disputes arising out of non-compete agreements; employment contracts; partnership agreements; separation agreements; construction and residential home disputes; trust agreements; trade secrets; deceptive practices; consumer fraud violations; professional liability; bad faith; breach of contract; breach of fiduciary duty; fraud; tortious interference; misrepresentation; franchises; operating agreements; securities violations; healthcare fraud; False Claims Act violations; and intellectual property claims.

Our billing arrangements, which include contingency fee agreements, flat fee arrangements, mixed billing arrangements, and other success-based formulas, provide an extraordinary alternative to traditional “big-firm” hourly billing models. Moreover, because we are first, trial lawyers, our goal is always to find, and then carry out, the most expeditious path to trial. That approach also ensures that the possibility of settlement is continually explore and leveraged at each step along the litigation and trial continuum.

Representative Commercial Litigation Success Stories

We obtained for our client, the Claimant in an AAA Arbitration, a near seven-figure Award after taking to Hearing our client’s claims that the Respondent had de facto operated as a franchisee, and thus violated applicable franchise protection laws and breached its contract in terminating our client as its regional representative.

We were asked to take to trial claims brought by individuals from across the country against our client, the defendant in civil litigation, alleging fraud and securities law violations and seeking judgment in their favor for millions of dollars. At the time we were asked to take over, all discovery had already been completed and closed, and the case was set for trial in approximately sixty days. After a complex State court bench trial, the Court ruled in favor of our client and against the Plaintiffs on all counts.

We successfully represented a group of doctors in litigation in State court in Indiana, arising out of a practice group split. After trying the case to verdict, and then appealing, we were able to prevail on behalf of our clients and obtain a seven-figure settlement.

We successfully represented our client, a defendant-entrepreneur, in long-running litigation in Illinois State court. After the trial court denied our client’s motion for summary judgment, the case proceeded to a lengthy bench trial in which the Plaintiffs sought the recovery of millions of dollars Our client ultimately prevailed entirely on all counts, after the trial judge ruled in his favor.

We obtained a jury verdict in favor of our client, arising out of a breach of contract, in an action tried in the Circuit Court of Cook County. We followed up that victory, in an unrelated breach of contact action involving entirely unrelated claims and parties, by again obtaining a jury verdict in favor of our client, arising out of a breach of contract, in an action likewise tried in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Both of those cases received extensive local media attention in light of the parties involved and the nature of the claims at issue.

We obtained for our client, a ship’s captain, an Award in his favor in an international Arbitration arising out of a breach of contract by a cruise ship line.

We obtained a verdict almost entirely in favor of our client, in a federal civil court action, in which the plaintiff raised claims against our client, including those for breach of contract.

We recently obtained a settlement on behalf of our clients, and against the Village of Bolingbrook, arising out of litigation we filed in State court in Will County, in which we alleged “takings claims” on behalf of the Plaintiffs.

We obtained  jury verdict in favor of our client, the Plaintiff in a State court jury trial in Lake County, arising out of allegations of fraud against the Defendant.

We obtained  jury verdict in favor of our client, the Plaintiff in a State court jury trial in Kane County, arising out of allegations of fraud against the Defendant in connection with the sale of land

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Our team understands what is at stake in commercial litigation. We do everything in our power to provide you with the best results possible. If you are ready to meet or speak with us to discuss how we can help you, call us at 312-815-6572 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

What is your commercial litigation experience? | Michael Leonard

From Michael's interview for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

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commercial litigation and my experience

really encompasses a broad range of

cases in a general sense commercial

litigation really refers to any type of

business related dispute and that case

might be brought in federal court it

might be brought in state court and

we’ve handled commercial cases across

the country in a wide variety of

business disputes sometimes representing

the companies that are being sued

sometimes it’s one company suing another

company sometimes it’s a group of

individuals maybe investors suing a

company or an individual and so we’ve

had quite a bit of success trying

commercial cases here in Federal Court

and state court and also in other

locations throughout the country and I

think again really having a wide variety

of trial experience is what really kind

of sets us apart when you get in

commercial litigation because ultimately

it doesn’t matter what type of case it

is you’re bringing a skill set to that

case a theme for the case a theory

executing by way of deposition and and

then ultimately getting the case

postured for trial or trying the case so

I think having all the trial experience

really serves as a benefit when we’re in

the uh commercial litigation Arena